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riskAI / manage tailend risk

A cutting edge situationally aware AI powered risk management system for Banks, Funds, Financial institutions and fintech businesses to manage tail end risk.  

RiskAI is innovatively designed to prioritize identification and evaluation of triggering events. These events, often overlooked, can be precursors to significant risks and can reveal patterns indicative of potential black swan events.

How do you prepare for black swan events?

Traditional Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems predominantly function on a reactive basis, focusing on normal distributions of risk while often overlooking triggering events that could be vital for detecting early signs of extreme, unexpected risks.

RiskAI is innovatively designed to shift this paradigm, prioritizing the identification and evaluation of triggering events. This event driven approach assists organizations to proactively manage risk and results in a forward thinking strategy. The result is a more robust, future-proof risk management system which permits practioners to more confidently identify black swan events ahead of time.

Proactively identify and manage tail end risk and black swan events

riskAI prioritize identification and evaluation of triggering events which helps  identify tail end risks early. This event driven methodology developed in riskAI permits proactive risk management that encourages collective discussions to scritinize and plan for a more future-proof strategy

Immediately know the dos and don’ts of regulations.

Rapidly customize, develop and manage compliance regimes in hours instead of months. The prebuilt compliance packages give you the ability to focus on the core compliance tasks and in minutes present  compliance matrices to help review and comprehend the dos and don'ts of the regulation.

Identify, analyze and manage risk with a unified command and control centre.

Centralized command and control view to monitor, rapidly identify and act on emerging risks. Drill down from enterprise view to individual compliance regimes in a matter of seconds. Get alerts and recommendations in real-time as risk landscape changes for your organization.

Holistic risk management at scale at a fraction of the cost

Struggled to hire the right people? riskAI uses AI and automation to reduce personnel and expertise requirements by a magnitude. Use prebuilt modules to configure and setup your compliance projects in hours instead of months.

Get started in hours...not months

Comply with compliance regimes with pre-fabricated modules ready to setup and use in hours.

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“riskAI introduces a paradigm shift in the industry in terms of a real risk driven system for compliance - we had been searching a similar system for years...”
Tommy Baltizis
CEO, Whitehaven Asset Management
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riskAI is currently in beta release. If you are interested in becoming a beta user, contact us to get your credentials and get started.

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Need to know how to comply with upcoming EU regulations on AI?

riskAI comes with prebuilt compliance package for AI governance and regulatory compliance

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riskAI has been built on foundations developed over a decade in model management, risk management and governance program development which we have inherited from our founding partners - NewOak Advisors and NewOak Finance.

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